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Jun 16 2010

To do work here

To do work in Homestead is to have my heart broken again and again, even when nothing sad happens. I picked up R- this morning to mow the lawn.  Nothing sad happened, besides the blade falling off the mower.  We laughed, we joked, we got breakfast.  It was a great time – hanging out with…

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Oct 31 2009

Letter to Kenyon

I know I haven’t written in awhile.  Perhaps I’ll try to write once a week.  In the meantime, an email to my Ohio home… ************************ M-, My apologies for not writing to you sooner; the first time I opened your email, I was only able to skim the email but now, reading it again, I…

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Aug 24 2009

Reality Check: 45 minutes

My first day of schools starts in 45 minutes.  I’ve never been so scared of 18 six year-olds in my life. Start your engines…

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Jul 14 2009

You’ll Make It Through!!

It’s over.  Institute – you CAN make it through! I have much to type but am bopping around the USA for a few days before driving down to Homestead to move into my HOUSE!  Yea!!  Until then, I’m chillin’ with Doc in B-more before cruising to Aunt Katy’s and then chilling with Justin.  Put a…

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Jul 07 2009

“Ms. Ralsten…Look!”

This summer, one kid who I have completely fallen for is D- (sorry, legalities – but trust me, I know his name).  D- is smart – he always knows the answer to questions and loves to breeze through work.  The latter is where a lot of his problems come from – his love of screaming,…

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Jul 05 2009

Another Email Home

This time to my mom’s co-worker, my pastor’s wife, and good friend… Frankie, Are you kidding me?!  You ran 8 and a half already and you don’t think you could run a full in January?  The last time I ran 8 and a half was when I was training for the half marathon and that…

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Jul 04 2009

Reality Check: Five Days

Every day, our CMA posts a “reality check” on the back of the door to our CMA room.  On it are Post-Its with the number of days we have left – with our students, with institute, with sessions.  I’m getting a reality check on Monday because all of those Post-Its will read the same thing:…

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Jun 20 2009

Institute, Week One

This is from an email I sent to my campus minister’s wife: Hey Kelly! Thanks for praying for me.  This “learning to teach” thing is hard.  It’s fun at times and I’m beginning to love some of the kids I’m working with, but it’s definitely got me running ragged sometimes.  We are on buses every…

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Jun 14 2009

Slow, Slow Seeds

I feel like I’ve been running into seeds a lot lately.  Reading about them.  Seeing them in stores.  Hearing about them.  It all kind of came to a head today when I went to Trinity Church with Raiza and Christy.  Joey (from Kenyon) has been going there for the last year since he’s been doing…

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Jun 10 2009

Lesson One: Lesson Plans Stink

Learning to teach is going to be harder than I thought.  If the 6:20 AM bus time doesn’t kill me, then maybe lesson planning will.  Being in bed before the ten o’clock news or just wishing I was in bed before the ten o’clock news isn’t exactly the summer I had planned.  But then again,…

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Jun 10 2009

Here We Go…

Well, I know it’s Ralsten in 305 but today is the day I leave for institute.  Actually, now is when leave for institute.  At 5:30 in the morning.  Oh boy.  Here we go…

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